1 Pre-orders​

1.1 What's a pre-order ?

Some products are in limited quantities and must be ordered before they are released. Making a pre-order ensures that the product will be reserved for you as soon as it becomes available. It saves you from having to watch for the release date and from having to deal with a back-ordered item.

1.2 Am I guaranteed to get my pre-order item?

Yes, you are guaranteed to have the pre-order item. Except a rare occurrences or limited edition products, we may not receive full shipment from the manufacturer. In this case, we will process by first ordered first filled.

1.3 Should I purchase an “in-stock” item and the “pre-order” item in one order?

We do not suggest customer to order “in-stock” and “pre-order” item together. If you order both “in-stock” and “pre-order” item(s) in one order, we will not ship until all pre-order item(s) in stock.
Also, We recommend customer to order each “pre-order” item separately due to different arrival date.

1.4 When will my pre-orders ship?

Each pre-order item will have an estimated arrival time provided by our suppliers. The arrival date may delay or change by manufacture. We will try to ship out your order as soon as it arrives.

1.5 Can I cancel my pre-order ?

You may cancel your pre-order by sending us an email. We will charge a 20% of the ordered item as a cancellation fee. We will confirm your cancellation by email and refund your payment in your original method of payment or store credit.

2 ​Shipping

 2.1 Shipping costs for pre-orders

Shipping cost will vary depending on the type of product. Especially in the case of large statues. We cannot provide the amount until the product is shipped to us

2.2 Shipping costs for In-stock products

For in stock products, shipping costs is indicated at the time of payment. No surprise then.

2.3 Will I have to pay customs fees ?

We ship your products ourselves from Quebec City, so if you are in Canada, there is no risk of customs or other fees at the time of delivery to your address. If you are outside Canada, you may have customs fees to pay.

2.4 How can I trace my parcel?

You can find the tracking number of your order in your orders history. The link will redirect you to the website of the carrier used.

2.5 I have changed my address since my order, what should I do?

If you made a pre-order and your address changed before your order was shipped, you can send us an email at serviceclients@arkhamcafe.com with your order number and the new address where to send it.

If your order has already been shipped, we are not responsible for delivery to the address provided.

3 Programme de fidélité Arkham Family

3.1 What is the Arkham Family loyalty program?

Arkham family is Arkham Café Coop's rewards program. Designed to thank our customers for their loyalty, it allows you to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards and enjoy tons of extra perks.
Changes may be made at any time without notice. Certain conditions apply.

3.2 What are the benefits of the Arkham Family loyalty program?

Redeem 400 points for a $15 gift card and the following benefits:

1st Tier - 1 to 500 points - bat Family

1 free reading day per month

Points x2 on your birthday

2ᵉ Tier - 501 to 1500 points - Teen Titans

1 free reading day per month

Reading package: One (1) day for $5 instead of $12.5

Points x2 on your birthday

10% discount on drinks

3ᵉ Tier - 1501 points or more - Justice league

1 free reading day per month

10% discount on drinks

Points x2 on your birthday

Pre-order in advance

Exclusive contests

Reading package: $5 instead of $12.5 by day

Invitations to certain events

and much more!

3.3 How to become a member of the Arkham Family?

Just ask for it in store, it's completely free :)

3.4 How do I know how many points I have and at what level of the program I am?

​For now, the only way to know your point total is to ask for it when you check out at the store.

3.5 Can my points expire?

No, points do not expire unless no points have been earned for 12 consecutive months..